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1. Choosing your Stone and Getting an Estimate


We invite you to forward your measurements to our office so we can provide you with a quote. Drawings do not have to be to scale, provided they have enough measurements labeled. Include all information that you can with your contact information ).

If we have any questions, we will promptly contact you to fill in the gaps,

Visit our showroom and view our large selection of full slabs and multitude of samples to choose from. Bring your color swatches, cabinet colors and visions to help make your selection easier.


You can expect a quote within a few days of choosing your countertop material.

When you’re ready to proceed, and to ensure that your selections be held for you, we will have you come to our office to review and sign the contract and place deposit.  In some cases this could be done by email.


2. Templating

Once  all cabinets and structure are in their final resting place, our templating professional will visit the job site to take accurate measurements. At this time, we make a template for your new countertops by using a digital template machine. If you are supplying sinks for your project, this is the time to have them available on site so our templator can check to ensure they fit in your cabinet and take measurements. In some cases the sink will be brought to our shop by the templator.  The templator will also discuss seam location, and brackets/supports for your overhang. Having your sinks at this time will help to keep the ball rolling and avoid delays.  As much as possible, Stoves and cooktops should also be on site BUT NOT IN PLACE, to ensure accurate measurements.

3. Layout

If you have chosen a material that does not have a lot of variation to it, and you are concerned about seam locations, we will happily forward a CAD Drawing of your templated project to show proposed seam locations.  A preview of the slab layout is available upon request.


4. Fabrication Begins

This is when the magic begins! Using our CNC machines, your project begins with the saw-jet using CAD drawings loaded directly from your template to your slab to ensure accuracy. We use state-of-the-art CNC technology to carve custom edge profiles for consistency. Your stone will then be cleaned before being loaded up and delivered to your site.

6. Installation

 For an average sized kitchen, you can expect 4-5 hours for installation.  A second trip may be necessary if your project includes a backsplash that calls for a highly precise measurement  (if you're keeping your tile backsplash, or have a fixed bathroom mirror, for example). In cases where there is no existing material to line up to,  we will finish the backsplash on the same day as your countertop.  You may want to plan ahead to have your plumbing done 24 hrs after the install to ensure your sink doesn't move.  If you have a cooktop or drop-in sink, our installers will finish the cut out on site, which may cause a minimal amount of dust.

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